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Paid survery, the solution to the lack of moneyHi, this is Richard, a father who decided he had to help his daughter to find a way to work from home. She could not continue her life with no income and she could not find any job within her field of architecture. The solution was to make money online with paid surveys. As I am an economist and I know the world of business, I knew I could help her out. I did it with the method I describe in this post, but it is better for you to wait to know the history.

My daughter’s problem

In March 2007, the United States’ subprime mortgage industry collapsed because of the higher-than-expected home foreclosure rates with more than 25 subprime lenders declaring bankruptcy, announcing significant losses, or putting themselves up for sale.

With an excess of offers, housing prices started to decline in 2006 and 2007, and reached new lows in 2012. They may be starting to recover in 2013 but the number of unsold houses is huge. Why build new houses if there are still a lot of them waiting to be sold?

Fill the wallet: earn money this pais surveys

In this environment, my daughter has recently completed her architectural studies with great efforts on her side. After months of searching, she could not find a job in Architecture. Each day she became more and more frustrated. She had no money for her personal expenses and the process of finding a job is also a cost. The situation was becoming increasingly stressful so I decided to do something to help her to find some work from home.

How I decided to help my daughter

I looked into the market and realized it was possible to do some work from home and make money online. I tried all I could find and I only had to spend very little time and money to do it. The difficulty was to adapt my daughter’s profile to them. She needed something to do, with no experience needed and, above all, something economically viable. I studied everything I found, one by one. I immediately rejected the ones that were not jobs, but businesses. I wanted online jobs.

I found the solution: paid surveys

Paid Surveys: work from home and make moneyFinally, I found the best solution: paid surveys. Large companies continually conduct consumer studies to organize their sales and new product launches through paid surveys. They get valuable information and pay for it. But, not all of them are good enough. It is very important to choose well. We must avoid fraud paid surveys. Click here if you want to know what paid surveys inquired about fraud.

I soon realized there were two types of paid surveys companies. Some ask for a down payment and some do not. The companies offering surveys without prior spending are not profitable over time. They usually offer sweepstakes, points, or gifts for completing them and when paid, the payment is very low. Actually, these are not genuine paid surveys. By contrast, those included in a list that must be purchased pay more for the surveys: $15 to $37 each and if very well chosen, are genuine paid surveys. The key is in the list. This is why there are many Internet searches looking for paid surveys free list. Click here if you want to know more about the world surrounding paid surveys free list.

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Filling in paid surveys is easy. We need to complete a profile with our own data and after that, we get, by email, paid surveys tailored to that profile. Each survey specifies the amount to be paid for completing it. We can choose which surveys we want to fill and how many. We need to spend some time completing the surveys and then we get paid.

What paid surveys program to choose?

Get Cash for SurveysI only had to choose the best paid survey program to give to my daughter a solution to start working from home and making money online with paid surveys. After some experience, I decided to choose GetCashForSurveys. I chose it because they provide a huge list of worldwide paid surveys companies. My vision was to find an activity my daughter could take globally. GetCashForSurveys offers paid surveys for all the English speaking countries (India, United States, Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, and many other countries in Africa and Oceania) so this was the one. They select the companies in the list very well; the ones that pay the best and have many surveys. In short, it is the one with the best paid surveys.

Great Work from Home: Paid Surveys

You have to make a payment of 37 dollars. Anyway, there is a money back warranty for sixty days. I found they had a low rate of money back requests. That shows the satisfaction of those who have chosen it. We soon realized it was really profitable. We did not have to claim our money back. Also, you should know that the payment is not immediate. The companies wait to accumulate an amount of payment from 20 to 50 USD before paying.

Fast Results

Once she dedicated to it, my daughter started to make money online with paid surveys. Now she gets several hundred per month, without much effort, from this work from home. She has not still found a job in her field of architecture but at least, she gets her own money with paid surveys. You can do it too.

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