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Hello, my name is Richard,

I write this blog to share my experiences in finding work from home. Specifically, I discovered that making money with paid surveys was a good way to escape the current economic situation and am close to being an expert.

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When my daughter finished her studies in architecture, she started looking for a job. She was very excited. In the actual real state environment, finding a job is not easy for her. She is young and inexperienced. She has answered many newspaper advertisements, attended many interviews, and ultimately, she got frustrated. But she has no choice but to pay her expenses. Why not work from home online?


I am an economist and I develop my activity in the commercial department of an IT multinational company. Previously, I was also responsible for the Marketing Department. I thought that with my working life, my education, and my experience, I could delve into the exciting world of Internet Marketing without too many complications. This could help my daughter to develop an activity online from home and make money through the network to pay her expenses.

I started out very motivated for a good cause. Self-taught from birth, I read practically everything about Internet Marketing websites: Blogs, eBooks, online training courses, forums, videos, and anything with which to learn. Thousands of pages, truly. I have experienced just about everything and I have invested a lot of time but little money, thankfully.

By constantly experimenting and trying, I found it! A method that would allow my daughter to have a work from home online and pay her own expenses, without needing to have technical or marketing knowledge: Paid Surveys. Little by little, she is beginning to make a few hundred per month, filling out paid surveys regularly. Meanwhile, she is still looking for her desired job, appropriate to her education.

However, I have not stopped. I have almost become an expert on Paid Surveys and I have found a great potential. From this blog, I hope to give back to the Internet community that has given me knowledge. I hope there will be a lot of participation. Follow me!

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