Free paid surveys list: is it possible?

Free paid surveys list?Hello again, this is Richard. On this page, I will explain the conclusion I reached when I started looking for “free paid surveys list” in Google to get a free list of paid surveys. In the Home page of this site, I have already explained the process of searching for a work from home for my daughter. She did not find a job as an architect, what she studied for, and practically as anything. The situation was stressing. She needed money for her expenses and to continue looking for a job suited to her education. After searching and searching, I concluded that paid surveys were the most profitable for her and what fit the most to her profile. But, I needed the list.

What is the list for?

Signing up in companies that pay to collect our opinions is absolutely free; we will not have to pay anything for this. When I came to the conclusion that paid surveys were the best solution for my daughter, I looked for paid survey companies. I signed up in some of them and did some tests. Then I realized I could not spend much time in finding these companies in the vastness of the Internet. I did not have sufficient data and information to qualify them.

Free paid surveys list. Working is not free

I needed a list of companies with the ones that pay the best, pay faster, with proven quality, and serious. But also a list updated over time and with a large number of companies to join in. That would save me a lot of time in searching and my daughter could go directly to answer surveys. I needed then to keep looking for free paid surveys list.

Free Paid Surveys List: a chimera

I started looking for the free list of paid survey companies. I looked everywhere with different keywords: free paid surveys list, free list of paid surveys, paid surveys list for free, and other combinations. I did not find anything free with enough quality. I did find various lists of different prices providing me some confidence. I then think that whatever our job is, any regular job not on the Internet, we make it spending money. We must dress properly, we have to pay for transportation, public or private, eating out, and a set of miscellaneous expenses.

All things considered, we spend money to work and earn more money. Then I came to the conclusion that same thing happens with paid surveys. I decided to make a small investment to have a very good list and then have the opportunity to fill out quality surveys paid and in good quantity.

Choosing the best list

Free paid surveys list: a chimera

The next step, once discarding the chimera of free paid surveys lists, was to choose the best possible list of paid surveys. I analyzed prices, what each one offered, the return rate they had, comments on the Internet about them, countries included, and a set of indicators for each one. Among all of them, I chose Get Cash for Surveys:

  • The list is continuously updated.
  • It has paid surveys for a huge number of countries.
  • The return rate is ridiculous: 1.4{2131ee1074f3b8bf88dd837a023b273d8827db32d5287638e4cd5b1cb98d77e2}, this is a good performance guarantee.
  • The price is really low: $37
  • There is unconditional money back guarantee (i.e., if I decided that I wanted my money back, I have it with no questions asked.). The advantages of ClickBank.

We had nothing to lose, so we tried. We checked it and it works very well so we stayed.

Using the List

60 days full warranty

My daughter signed up in almost every company and filled the profile for each one. It is really kind of boring but you just have to do it once. This will ensure you will receive the surveys that are easier to fill because they fit with your profile. My daughter gets a lot of paid surveys in her mail box, she selects the ones she likes or the ones that pays the most, and how many she wants to fill out. After doing it, she generates the earnings. All thanks to the list. The list gets updated with new companies that appear in the market and others are dropped from the list when they stop being interesting. In this way, you know you are working with the best and the safest list.

We must forget the concept of free paid surveys list. The payment to be made for the list is ridiculous, compared to time saving and the earning potential provided by it. In any case, to cover risks, you must always choose lists deals that offer money back guarantee.

Click here to see the list used by my daughter and that is working so well. I did not find any free paid surveys list

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