Paid Surveys: How do they pay?

Paid surveys companies pay

Once you have the list of the best paid surveys companies and you have followed the different steps (you have registered with them, received invitations by mail to respond paid surveys, completed and sent), it is time to receive payments. In this post, I explain the different means by which the paid surveys companies may pay to you and every else related to it.

Payment threshold

Each company requires a minimum amount to proceed with the payment. Usually, you need to generate 10-15 dollars in your account for the company to issue the payment to you.

If you do not achieve such amount, that money remains in the account until you complete the minimum quantity, the so called payment threshold.

Currency of Payment

If the survey company is located in your country, you will be paid in your local currency. If the survey company is located in the U.S., you will be paid in dollars. In some cases, paid survey companies that are overseas have a main branch in the United States. In this case, they send the checks from the central office (i.e., you will get the checks from the United States in dollars). Main paid surveys companies are international so they pay in dollars.

Take into account that, most likely, the bank with which you work may charge fees if you work in a different currency than the local currency in your country. Look at it as an administration fee of your new job completing paid surveys.

Such payments are made by check or PayPal. Let’s see each one.


Pay by check for filling out paid surveys

Payments in exchange for filling in paid surveys, which are made by check are sent to the address provided during registration in the different companies. I recommend you to provide the real address where you are living now so you will not have problems receiving checks.

Checks are generally cleared at local banks. You then must have an account with that bank. The check is deposited into your bank and within a week or two, the money will be available in your account. Remember, they can charge fees for this.

Now, for example, if the check is issued by a bank like Citibank, which has branches all around the world, then you can go to the local office of the bank and cash the check without having account with them. This applies to any other bank.

If you have no bank account, then you have to change your checks at a local exchange house. Search in Google “money exchange” and you will get several results. This option has, in general, higher fees than banks.


PayPal is a free service, which allows you to easily and securely send and receive money from anywhere in the world with only one email address. It is an alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks or money orders as payment for the paid surveys you fill out.

Pay by Paypal for filling out paid surveys

PayPal is an American company, owned by eBay auction portal, which has allowed it to grow and become popular. PayPal has to obey rules of the Treasury Department of the United States and the Financial Services Authority of the European Union.

Unlike traditional banks where the customer receives a return for having their money deposited into an account, PayPal offers no interest in this concept. There are only charges to the client when he or she performs certain transactions (among others, move money from PayPal to a bank or a payment of a sale on eBay). On the other hand, PayPal does not guarantee any operation personally, and the money of a transaction is recoverable only, and only if the other party agrees to it.

PayPal also charges a fee to implement currency conversion (which is usually 5{2131ee1074f3b8bf88dd837a023b273d8827db32d5287638e4cd5b1cb98d77e2}, consisting of a variable rate as “the currency market conditions” plus a fixed rate of 2.5{2131ee1074f3b8bf88dd837a023b273d8827db32d5287638e4cd5b1cb98d77e2}).

PayPal is usually more expensive in fees than banks but has the great advantage of being convenient and fast. It is like having the bank in our computer. You fill out the paid surveys in your own computer and the money arrives to your own computer.

How to withdraw money from PayPal from any country

Payoneer card to get PayPal money

In some countries, you can only withdraw money from PayPal to an account opened in the U.S., something that is difficult from outside the United States and a real hassle. The solution is to hold a Payoneer card. (See list of PayPal countries)

With Payoneer, you are the holder of a MasterCard that is internationally accepted in more than 200 countries, issued to your name, which also is linked to a virtual account in the United States, a service called U.S. Payment.

To apply for the card, you just have to fill out a form with your personal data. When your request is approved, a MasterCard card is sent to the postal address you have declared by mail. You will activate it once you get it physically. You will also receive your United States virtual account details by mail. The whole process is free. Once you accumulate a balance on your card bigger or equal to $30, they will charge you an annual maintenance fee of $ 29.95. This is the only fee you need to pay.

To withdraw the money you have accumulated in your PayPal, link your Payoneer virtual account to your PayPal account and transfer money from your PayPal to your Payoneer account. Once there, you can withdraw money from any ATM in the world and in local currency through the associated MasterCard card you held. They will apply 1{2131ee1074f3b8bf88dd837a023b273d8827db32d5287638e4cd5b1cb98d77e2} commission for this transaction. The cards are secure and the company is backed by The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and MasterCard.

If you think the Payoneer card is interesting for you, we have got an interesting offer: when signing up through this link, Payoneer will pay $25 in your account when you come to collect $100.

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Drawings and gifts

Some paid surveys companies pay through raffles and gifts. By answering certain kinds of brief paid surveys, you participate in a drawing for a valuable prize. By answering more extensive paid surveys, you get an incentive: a free product to test, or a gift.

Gifts to fill out paid surveys

These kinds of gifts and products have a value between 4 and 50 dollars, depending on the extent of the pais surveys and the time it takes to answer.


Other paid surveys companies “pay” with points. Depending on the type of survey, they credit a number of points into your account. With the points you have accumulated in the account, you can access a portal, specially designed for this purpose, where the points can be redeemed for gifts and/or money, depending on the company.

Which one to choose

If filling out paid surveys is a hobby for you, getting points or gifts may be acceptable. If it is a job for you, jobs are paid with money, regardless of the way you get it, either paper or electronic.

In any case, as you will sign in every company possible and for that, you need the list. You will finally have a mixture of payment methods. It is up to you to only log in those companies that use your favorite payment.

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