Paid Surveys scam: it is not

Paid surveys are not scamHello, I am Richard, the father who helped his daughter to make money with paid surveys online because she did not find a job in her field after finishing her studies. Curiously looking and searching on the Internet to discover how the activity of responding paid surveys works, I found many searches on paid surveys scam. That alarmed me and I started researching before further exploring this option. At the end of my research, I came to the conclusion that there is no scam as such but people who feel let down.

I read in Google everything that appeared in searches on paid surveys scam. Here, I summarize what I found as reasons for this apparent scam and how to avoid it:

Few earnings

Some said they sign up in one or two companies to answer online surveys and did not get paid enough. Yes, but this is not a scam. You need to sign up in as many companies as possible to get a reasonable amount of paid surveys. This will allow answering enough paid surveys to generate a reasonable level of income. It cannot be considered under the heading of paid surveys scam.

Unsuitable sites

Paid surveys scam? No, it is not

Others complained of having acquired a list of paid survey companies and after use, it does not get enough income. This occurs when the list has no quality or it is outdated. It is essential to acquire a quality list of companies that pay well, on time, and above all, is constantly updated. Click here to view the list used by my daughter. Neither can be considered under the heading of paid surveys scam.

Lack of knowledge to fill out them

For many others, the scam was receiving online surveys they did not know well how to answer or even how to invent the answers. The solution is simple: fill in the account profile correctly (sex, age, property, place of residence, religion, etc…). This will produce receiving appropriate paid surveys according to the profile and these are very easy to fill out because we talk about ourselves and not about someone we are not. Paid surveys scam does not fit here.

Points or gifts and no money

There are Internet users who accessed online survey companies that offer free items, giveaways, or gifts for completing surveys. They discovered that after spending a lot of time filling out surveys online they got almost nothing; just a set of points that does not cover even the cheapest gift, they have not been lucky in the draws, or gifts are useless. This, itself, cannot be considered a paid surveys scam because these companies clearly specify the conditions the user agrees but it certainly is frustrating. To avoid it, just purchase a quality list with companies that pay well, on time, and above all, is constantly updated. Click here to view the list my daughter uses and it is not paid surveys scam.
There is no scam in paid surveys

Manuals on how to make money

Many have purchased manuals on the Internet about ways to make money on the Internet. This is an excellent way of doing business on the Internet for the ones selling the manuals but really, they are not very useful to those who purchase them. In fact, you can start making money with paid surveys just with the recommendations of this blog. Buying useless manuals cannot be included in paid surveys scam.

Information Security

Most expressed their doubts about the security of information. When someone enrolls in a paid survey company, they should fill his or her profile, which is mandatory to get the surveys. That information is really sensitive, it is about ourselves and provides address, phone, and other confidential data. Doubt if that can travel over the Internet indiscriminately into the hands of unscrupulous is constant. The workaround is to buy a quality list with the right policy of protection of the information. Click here to view the list used by my daughter.


This analysis took me a while but it really helped me to stay calm and know how to move in this world to answer online paid surveys. And, above all, to know what I should and I should not do to avoid any problems of paid surveys scam.

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