Paid Surveys: Steps to take to make money

Success with Paid Surveys

Filling in paid surveys is a good way to get extra money but like everything in life, you need to be successful. There are a number of steps that must be taken correctly to generate money in a simple and quick way. It is not complicated. You just need to know it and follow it correctly. In this post, I will tell you everything you need to know.

The process of answering paid surveys has the following steps:

Fill in the profile

You must register in the members section of the paid survey site you choose. You will need to enter your details and answer a few questions to create your profile. It is very important for you to get paid surveys, according to your taste, age, gender, and activities. This way it will be very easy for you to fill out surveys because in doing so, you will be talking about yourself. If you do not fill the profile with real data, it will be very difficult to answer paid surveys because you have to make an exercise of constant invention. This is not the goal. It is better to be comfortable filling them by talking about yourself. This is the way to do it fast and finish the process being satisfied with the work.

User Profile for Paid Surveys

Filling the profile is sometimes a little boring. But believe me, this is the warranty that ensures you will not waste your time giving your opinion about topics you do not know. Imagine you are a single person with no children and you have to answer a form on the best baby diapers!

Sign up confirmation

Once paid surveys companies receive your profile, they will send you a confirmation email to your email address to verify you are the one who signed up. You must confirm it to validate your identity. Once confirmed, you are already a member of that opinion panel. It is just a matter of waiting!

Receiving Paid Surveys

Soon enough, you will start receiving paid surveys. You will see email invitations to give your opinion on various sites accumulate in your mailbox. You will get the invitations by email and the subject will anticipate how much you will be paid to fill them in.

Filling in Paid Surveys

Filling out Paid Surveys

The topics covered by paid surveys are diverse, but almost always focusing on consumer products or a particular service. They may be about travel you have done, products you purchased on the market, home magazines you read, TV shows you usually see, etc…

If the survey is about services, it might be about a bank or insurance company. Lately, a quite popular theme is trends of technological equipment. They often ask about the type of TV or computer you have or if you plan to buy a new mobile phone in the near future.

Paid surveys are designed to be informative and entertaining. The idea is to have a good time while earning money. However, if you fill in a lot of them, it can be boring. Not surprisingly, any job has a routine side.

Surveys usually last around 10 minutes and usually, remuneration depends on the length of the survey. Obviously, the more questions you answer, the more you get paid.

Getting Paid

Payment for filling out paid surveys

Compensation may be in various forms. Everything depends on the site you have registered with. Some of them send money by wire transfer, others pay by check, and some pay with products or coupons to purchase in any supermarket chain. Each company has its own system, which is made clear in the emails you receive. So, you can choose the paid surveys that fit to the payment method that best suits you. Personally, I prefer to get paid money, either transfer or check.

What else to do?

You must sign up to a good paid surveys database with as many companies as possible. This increases the chances of receiving a considerable amount of surveys to answer daily. A priori, it does not matter what the company is, just register and participate. The more sites you have on your list, the more money you will have in your pocket.

Start as soon as possible. Soon, you will become familiar with the process of answering a survey. Some paid surveys require a certain profile, such as being a consumer of certain products or a housekeeper. If you do not quality in this profile, you will not be invited to participate. However, most of paid surveys are around general opinion.

Once you have decided what surveys you are going to fill, it is important to not delay in doing so. Some surveys complete their quota and close quickly.

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