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Testimonials around pais surveysThe great advantage of doing a work from home based on filling in paid surveys is that no prior knowledge of anything is needed. Answering paid surveys is a way of protecting yourself, your tastes, hobbies, and preferences through surveys, which generates money for you. This means that anyone can do it. Young and old men and women, black and white, retired and active, anyone. My daughter did. Here are some examples.

Retired and unemployed

Paid surveys for retired and unemployed

Many retirees and unemployed people try to supplement their retirement pension or unemployment subsidy by doing work from home. Some opt for manual and mechanical activities like assembling crafts or stuffing envelopes. These activities, in addition to not reporting any satisfaction or brain activity, are highly unprofitable.

The alternative is paid surveys. Many companies are eager to know the tastes of retirees and unemployed people to plan their marketing strategies. The segment of the older population and the unemployed people is growing and represent a good percentage of the market.

If you are elder or unemployed, take advantage of this and make money with paid surveys tailored to your profile.

Mothers raising children

Paid surveys for mothers raising childrenFor women who are at home raising their children, paid surveys are a real resource to generate extra money. Women who are mothers move a good portion of the consumer market by both spending for raising their children and the housekeeping spending.

Filling in paid surveys tailored to that profile provides a source of income from home, while still raising children. The household and children products market is very dynamic. Companies that produce them need to promptly know the tastes of consumers to regulate the life cycle of their products and plan new launches.

If you are a mother raising children, take advantage of this and make money with paid surveys tailored to your profile.


Paid survey for students

“Student” and “poor” are synonymous words. “Student” and “young” are too. Young people have low income to spend but when they buy, it is concentrated in age-specific products: music, electronics, clubs, etc… and tastes evolve rapidly. Here also, companies need to capture this movement and are willing to pay to know the views of young people.

In turn, for a student, paid surveys are the best way to get extra money. No need to have a tied schedule, they can fill out as many surveys as they want, whenever they want. If they need more money, they spend more time.

If you are a student, take advantage of this and make money with paid surveys tailored to your profile.


As you have seen throughout the blog, it was me who looked for this kind of work from home for my daughter, after analyzing a number of them. This is the best testimonial we can have:

 Susana García has also earn money with paid surveys

Susana García
Chicago, USA
“Since my father recommended this work from home to me, I am more relaxed. Now I can look for a job as an architect without the anguish of not having money. I cover my expenses and I am focused on my job search.”

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