Paid Surveys: tips and tricks to earn more

Tips and tricks to fill out pais surveys

To be as effective as possible when filling out paid surveys and to make more money with them, there are some “tricks” and recommendations that will be greatly appreciated by you. They will help you to respond more paid surveys in less time and therefore, make more money from home faster. There are also important tips to protect your investment in the list, if you have done it or plan to do it. In this post, I review them for you, so you can start making money online with paid surveys as soon as possible.

Web form filling programs

You have to use RoboForm or equivalent software. Such software automates the capture of your usernames and passwords when you enter a website and input them. Each paid survey site asks you to enter this data and filling in the registration form is tedious and time consuming. With RoboForm, you only have to click.

RoboForm para automatizar claves en encuestas remuneradas

These password management and web form filling programs “remember” the information and fill in the forms for you just with a click. RoboForm is free for a certain number of keys and a period and then asks you to register. Click here to know more about RoboForm and how to use it with paid surveys.

Not belonging to a marketing agency

At the beginning of each survey, it always ask you if you belong to the marketing agency, media, or public relations agency that manages the paid surveys you chose or if you have a family member who does. Always answer no. If you answer yes, you are likely to be removed from the survey. Nevertheless, sometimes you will find certain paid surveys are closed after a few questions. This occurs because you did not fulfill 100{2131ee1074f3b8bf88dd837a023b273d8827db32d5287638e4cd5b1cb98d77e2} with survey or product requirements.

Read site Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for paid surveys

Never forget to read the terms and conditions of the site. You will know the payment means this paid surveys site uses and how you can collect your earnings. In the same way, you will know if there are limitations in the use of the site or if you need any special feature to be part of the panel members.

Note: some sites only accept residents of particular countries. You must know this before taking a survey. If you do not know it, you can get the unpleasant surprise of having invested your time and not being paid for not meeting their conditions.

Check your mail over and over again

Check your mail constantly. Spare no effort in doing this. You only need to watch for emails providing survey opportunities. In seconds, you can check if you got opportunities to earn money and get privileged access to the paid surveys that pay the best.

Answer paid surveys in other countries

Fill out paid surveys in other countries

You can find a barrier to answer surveys in other countries: the IP address, namely “the registry” that identifies your system and tells the network on which country you are in. To overcome these barriers, you have to use this trick: Change the IP address.To fill out surveys from other countries, you have to pretend your system is in that country. For that to be possible, you just need to change the IP address. It seems very technical but there are tools to change the IP very easily, allowing access to surveys in other countries. Specifically, we recommend HotspotShield and proxy4free.

Check the results during the warranty period

Paid Surveys: 60 days money back guarantee

There is an unconditional warranty during the first 60 days after purchasing the list. During this period, you can get your money back without having to answer a single question. If it has not worked for you, you do not like it, it is not what you expected, you changed your mind, or whatever reason, just ask for it and you will get your money back. ClickBank is the guarantee and works really well.

So watch out for those 60 days, do not neglect it. Analyze if this is for you or not. This is not mathematics, paid surveys work for some people and do not for others. It depends on many factors: your profile, the time you spend, the intensity, and so on. We do not want to mislead anyone so watch the warranty period to react accordingly. My daughter did not need to use this money back guarantee because it worked well and she now gets extra money with paid surveys.

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