Paid Surveys: Why do companies pay money to know my opinion?

Make money online with paid surveysThe nature of companies makes them unwilling to risk money on product launches. No one wants to invest in product launches if these products do not concern to anyone and they are going not be sold. For that reason primarily, they invest large amounts of money on expensive market research and focus groups. They need to know what like people like you and me think of products and what we are willing to buy or stop buying. Now they have found a new way to get the opinions of all of us… through paid surveys. In this post I explain how.

From telephone surveys to paid surveys online

After many years of telephone surveys (i.e., paid surveys by telephone), the companies responsible for making these studies concluded that it is not the best choice of analysis. They need to invest in staff and costs of equipment and telephone lines and the amount of investment is not low. They began to take into consideration online surveys, what we know now as paid surveys.

Phone surveys versus paid surveys

They began to try and realized that the success of paid surveys was surprising. That is why there are a lot of marketing firms willing to pay you for your opinion. They get it directly and it is infinitely cheaper than conventional processes.

Suddenly, with the popularization of Internet, companies found a very economical and easy choice to find out what people and consumers expect from the products they launch in the market. This opinion is tremendously valuable because in these times of constant change in consumer tastes, companies do not want to risk launching products that may not be successful. Depending on the approach of the business, poor positioning of a product can cost millions in losses.

So, telephone surveys times were far behind. No one is already willing to spend 10 minutes glued to a phone without getting anything in return. In addition, these surveys became less relevant because they could not represent the sector in which you want to sell a new product. However, with internet paid surveys, we are willing to invest our time in exchange for money. We can do the work from home when we feel like it and without time pressure.

Companies are interested in paying us for filling out paid surveys

Paid surveys helps Marketing

In this so natural way arose on the Internet the concept of paying for giving opinions. The fact of using the network and have technical means of access to it, determine a certain standard of living that indicates the constant consumption of goods and services. This is called “market” and it is precisely what the companies want to attack, knowing in advance what they are willing to achieve.

For these companies, the opinion of someone who is a prospective buyer or who knows very well the tastes of the market is invaluable and they are willing to pay for it. This is why they offer economic compensation or sometimes in kind. Even some of them send samples of new products to use and identify their pros and cons.

Companies that perform these paid surveys are generally dedicated to public relations or marketing. They are agencies that big companies like Microsoft, Coca Cola, Nike, and General Electric, among others, hire to do that job and ask what they want to know. However, on other occasions, manufacturers themselves do not use these “intermediaries” and perform paid surveys directly.

Companies need us and in times of crisis more and more. Let us take advantage of this need and make them pay us for our opinion through paid surveys.

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