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Work from homeHello, this is Richard again. I decided I was going to help my daughter to find work from home so it was time to get down to work. I had to use my Commercial and Marketing experience with the sole purpose of finding jobs online. I found many. That was easy. The challenge was to analyze, test, and fit them with my daughter’s profile: a very disciplined person, with little technical knowledge, limited time, and no entrepreneurial experience at all. Here, I explain how I did and how I found the best work from home for my daughter.

Work from home versus business, business versus work from home…

A large portion of methods to work from home online are based on creating an online business, instead of completing tasks of a job. To create such a business, it is necessary to create a website or a blog. And then many tasks must be carried out: choose a niche market and a product, optimize the site, and position the web in search engines, all according to a business strategy. For this, you have to work with keywords, get other websites to link to you and many other tasks. Oops! I just do not see my daughter carrying out all these tasks. First because of her profile and knowledge. Then because, finally, she will be getting some earnings in the medium and long term. This is business on the Internet more than a job online that allows work from home. I needed to find a real job.

Online jobs. Work from home

Another way to generate some earnings is to publish Google ads and charge for them. But, again, a well positioned Blog or Website is needed. As before, not a real job online. There are also ways to make money online through affiliate programs (i.e., promote third-party products with a commission in return). It requires, once again, a website or a blog.

Focused on finding a job online: My daughter does something and gets paid for it

I concluded that I had to focus on the search. Find a real work from home and not a business: my daughter does what she is asked to do and she gets paid for it, nothing else. I also found many and varied things. I started to try. I quickly realized that there is no free lunch. Curiously enough, in the physical world, working is not free. I have to dress up, eat out, and pay for my suits, my car, or public transport. You have to spend something to be able to work.

Fill out paid surveys. Make money onlineThe same thing happens with online jobs. I tried to work from home without spending but I did not get enough to compensate for the effort. I then was ready to focus on the search. I started looking for aoption, which needed a small investment. After trying some of them, I found the one that most suited to my daughter: it does not need expertise, she could do it time to time, it is profitable, and the initial cost is very small. Really well worth the effort. We are talking about paid surveys. Although not all of them are good enough…

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